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Leftovercash enables travelers to re-claim the value of their money and spend it in a way they desire.  Using our kiosks, Leftovercash helps American travelers transform their leftover foreign bills and coins into their choice of valuable gift cards and donations to charities.



American travelers cross international borders each day for business, study or pleasure. In 2012, over 60.7 million US citizens traveled internationally. There are more than 270 currencies in use world-wide.

When travelers venture abroad they are frequently left with the equivalent of US $20 in foreign cash by the end of their trip.

So what happens to all this leftover currency as travelers return home? Presently, travelers coming home from trips abroad have few options of what to do with their leftover foreign cash:

  1. Exchange their leftover foreign cash at a foreign exchange bureau and incur high fees and unfavorable exchange rates. We’ve determined that when exchanging the equivalent of approximately $20 with existing foreign exchange companies, travelers are losing 15% to 40% of the value of their foreign currency in transaction costs.
  2. Buy products in the foreign airport that they otherwise would not have purchased were it not for their excess foreign cash.
  3. Keep the foreign cash either as a souvenir or in hopes of remembering to bring it back next time they travel to the same country.
  4. Donate the foreign cash into the airport fishbowls where it is passed on to an unspecified charity.

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