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March 1, 2015 – LOS ANGELES, CA

Leftovercash kiosk converts leftover foreign currency into retail gift cards and donations

Leftovercash, Inc. has placed its first automated foreign currency conversion kiosk at the South Bay Galleria Mall in Redondo Beach, CA.  Able to handle up to five foreign currencies at once, Leftovercash offers mall-goers the ability to recycle leftover foreign bills and coins sitting hidden at home into valuable gift cards for use at their favorite retailers and donations to charities they believe in.

Millions of American travelers cross international borders each day for business, study, or pleasure.  When travelers venture abroad they are frequently left with the equivalent of US $20-30 in foreign cash by the end of their trip.  What happens to all this leftover currency when US travelers come home?

In the past, returning Americans rid themselves of their leftover foreign currency at a foreign exchange bureau even though it meant enduring high fees and unfavorable exchange rates.  OR they made purchases in the foreign airport that they normally wouldn’t have. OR they just kept the foreign cash as a souvenir or in hopes of remembering to bring it back next time they travel to the same country. Now, Leftovercash offers them a better option.

The Leftovercash foreign currency recycling process is simple:

  1. Insert your foreign currency bills and large denomination coins – we currently accept Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs and Japanese Yen.
  2. The kiosk calculates the value of the inserted currency in US Dollars (using Wells Fargo’s daily exchange rate).
  3. Then the user is given a selection of gift cards and electronic gift codes to choose from (including Staples, Lowe’s, Shutterfly and Overstock) as well as the option of using the leftovercash to support a charity (including Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles and American Forests).

About Leftovercash, Inc.

Leftovercash is a Los Angeles, California based company. In these tighter economic times, Leftovercash wants to help everyone make the most of the assets they already have. We believe: “Leftover foreign currency is valuable. It’s just in the wrong country”.

Contact Information

Ferdinand Poon
Leftovercash, Inc.
(o) 213-260-9606 ext. 701

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